Wine Mythology Label

Design competition for limited edition Amarone Domini Veneti 2017


In the late 2016 I and Simona took part of Wine Mythology Label design competition promoted by CODE (Competition for Designers) with Cantina Valpolicella Negrar. The competition theme was around the character of Ulysses from Homer’s “Odyssey” joined with a limited edition of Amarone – Vigneti di Jago 2012. The jury was composed, among others, by David Carson, Alessandra Scandella and Sawdust Studio. For this small project we won a gold mention.

[…] the great bow of divine Odysseus, and whosoever shall most easily string the bow in his hands and shoot an arrow through all twelve axes […] For there is no man among all these here such as Odysseus […]

Homer, The Odyssey (Book XXI)

Art direction & Graphic design

Simona Eva Saponara

Gold Mention


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