Tiziano Terzani

Guardare i fiori da un cavallo in corsa

The portrait of a free man who has chosen to be a journalist, life explorer and traveler through his voice, photographs, beloved objects and books.

I did only one thing in life, travel and even this that I describe is a journey. The Chinese have a saying: look at the flowers from a running horse. I would summarize this experience in this way. I like to pick up luck, the case that takes you out of your usual vantage point and drags you right there and then … then you have to be a witness.

tiziano terzani

“Non-violence is a complicated thing. An army and generals are needed for the war. A great army and great generals are needed for peace”

Graphic design & Layout

Rizzoli, 2014
in collaboration with
Fondazione Cini

Edited by
Àlen Loreti

Text by
Tiziano Terzani
Mauro Novelli
Federico Fubini
Franco Contorbia
Carmen Lasorella
Adelchi Battista
Silvia Zangrandi
Eraldo Affinati
Vincenzo Cottinelli
Gian Carlo Calza
Michael Jaeger
Giuliano Amato
Alberto De Maio
Gherardo Colombo
Ekkehart Krippendorff

Photo and Illustration
Tiziano Terzani
Alexo Athanasios
Francesca Baiardi
Matteo De Fina
Stefano Magrin
Nicola Magrin
Giuseppe Pino
Folco Terzani
Monika Zucht

Sergio Pappalettera
Studio Prodesign

Editorial board
Cristina Sartori
Giulia Dadà
Chiara Ratti
Sergio Daniotti


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