Sigari Toscano

Toscano Cigars

“Half a Toscano and a knight’s cross will not be denied to anyone”

Victor Emmanuel II

“Vanda is a sigaraia: she works at the San Pancrazio factory and Marina at the one on Via Guelfa … The sigaraie have a bad name here. Like when they talk about cart pushers, it’s the same story. They are ‘cheerful women’ but that means something else. It means thet they are not respectable”

Vasco Pratolini, Lo scialo, 1960

“Tobacco is the plant that trasforms thoughts into dreams.”

Victor Hugo

Graphic design & Layout

Rizzoli New York,
Mondadori Electa, 2017

Edited by
Enrico Mannucci

M. Soldati
D. Bertuccelli
S. Simonetti
E. D’Anna
M. De Vincentiis
R. Fucini
J. Giono
G. Luti
P. Nava
G. Novello
V. Pratolini
C. Rosselli
A. Santini

Sergio Pappalettera
Studio Prodesign

Editorial board
Cristina Sartori
Simona Girella
Anna Lorenzini
Sergio Daniotti


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