Eat local, think global

Brand identity for EAThink2015 for ACRA in the 8th edition of the SEWF2015 (Social Enterprise World Forum)

Founded in 1968 ACRA is a secular and independent non-governmental organization committed to removing poverty through market-based solutions with high social and economic impact.

EAThink2015 – eat local, think global is a project for primary and secondary schools of 12 European and 2 African countries funded by the European Union with the objective of enhancing European students’ and teachers’ critical understanding and active engagement in global development challenges, with a specific focus on food security and sovereignty, sustainable food systems and smallholder farming.

The shapes of the brand resemble a pomegranade, and the identity playfully uses the mark as an attention-getting symbol that announces events and programming. The symbol is used in conjunction with a wordmark that follows the ideas of the project: the logotype remains consistent throughout applications, but the shapes is customized to reflect the focus on food.

The path to a healthy, sustainable and fair food consumption starts already during our early years of childhood and youth. The EAThink 2015 project has also developed two interactive educational games targeting Primary and Secondary school students (Robin’s Cake, an interactive fairytale and EAThink Game an interactive tap & drag game), in order to help them better understand the different mechanisms of food supply and production and to follow the path towards a healthy, sustainable and fair food consumption.

Art Direction & Graphic Design

Project website

Graphic design partner
Simona Eva Saponara


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