Brand identity for Argo company fouded by a team of young professionals with an expertise in European integration and international cooperation policies.

The identity centers on a “A” monogram, inscribed in a multifaceted heptagon, that represents the hundred solutions offered by the group. The monogram is accompanied by a wordmark set in the brand typeface and also by a “mascot”, an icon of a hundred-eyed giant.

According to Greek mythology, Argos Panoptes (Panoptes “all-seeing”) was a hundred-eyed giant, who also had an infinite number of eyes throughout his body. This giant represents foresight and a cosmopolitan view of the world with the possibility to realize the infinite prospects of ideas and projects.

We worked closely with the group to develop a brand strategy, tone of voice and visual identity that presents Argo as an ad hoc monitoring of funding programmes at the local, regional, national and European level, creating a brand that strikes a balance between warmth and expertise.




The logo and other brand elements have been optimized to perform across various platforms and scales, from the small-space digital world to environmental installations.




The hundred-eyed giant evolutions.

Concept & Art direction




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